Large lacquer pile painting gold insert screen

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Heavy ❗❗❗
Large lacquer pile on black background depicts golden landscape figures | Auspicious interstitial screen

The screen is huge in size, with black lacquer as the base, the lacquer is thick and delicate, the luster is flawless, and the painting is meticulous and exquisite. The main technique is to pile up gold painting, and the details are outlined in detail. The mountains and rocks are painted layer by layer to form a certain height, and then pasted With multiple layers of gold foil, it has a protruding and thick feeling. Moreover, it is required to appropriately increase or decrease the thickness due to the distance, so as to better express the sense of distance, and the tangled lotus wears the blessing pattern to decorate the frame. The main body of the screen draws pictures of literati outings, using the traditional Chinese painting method, far away from the mountains and near the water, 33 characters are dotted in it, the faces of the characters are full of expressions, it seems that everyone has their own stories, and the action descriptions are wonderful. It is drawn by stacking gold techniques to form protrusions to better express its three-dimensional effect, and then outline the leaves with thin lines, as if there is a breeze blowing, the leaves flutter gently. The paintings of the towers and pavilions are basically in accordance with the ancient ruler method The drawing is meticulous and accurate, and the construction is reasonable.
The upper part of the base is decorated with twisted lotus piercing patterns. The Fuqing painting below has more decorations, and the technique of pile gold painting is also used. The picture is detailed and the three-dimensional effect is strong. Two beautiful lions are painted on the front of the presser foot to stabilize and ward off evil spirits. A pair of dragons are painted on the side of the base, and a huge peony is painted on the bottom, with fretwork on both sides.
On the back part, it is painted with Bogu patterns, the theme of Jiji in the Sui Dynasty, the painting has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, and the decoration is meticulous. It is drawn in the way of traditional Chinese painting, and the blank space forms a sense of space, giving people a sense of elegance. The two sides of the screen form a strong contrast. Lively, graceful, rich, majestic, royal, the other side is literati, elegant, such a large volume, such fine workmanship, it represents the highest level of a certain stage, and it embodies the author’s respect for a certain stage. The heart and soul of this work. For such a work, even a small team may take two to three years to complete it.
Even the ancient palace artifacts are far behind this piece in terms of difficulty, complexity, and workload. We are still very happy now to have the opportunity to own such a shocking piece of art.

81.5*37.3*82.5cm 30kg


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